5 Low-Impact Exercises For Senior Health

As we age, we are forced to accept that we are not able to engage in the same physical activities that we could when we were younger. However, this does not mean that all physical activity must stop because we are entering the third stage of our life. In fact, there are many low-impact exercises that seniors can do to increase their health, prevent heart disease, minimize the risk of diabetes, and curtail certain forms of cancer.

Lifting Weights
Some seniors feel that lifting weights is just too strenuous. However, weightlifting is an amazing low-impact way to improve overall health. To be successful, seniors should start with lighter weights. One could even start doing the moves of weightlifting with no weights at all. Over time, they can increase the amount that they lift as they improve their strength. As with all forms of exercise, pain is no good. So if an exercise causes pain, immediately back off and use a lighter weight.

Rowing can be the perfect addition to a senior’s upper body workout routine. This low-impact activity is an amazing way for seniors to build their core stability and increase leg muscles. There are many rental shops that offer boats that seniors can use at reasonable prices. In addition to providing great exercise, it is a nice way to get away from the stress of life and disconnect from the world.

Walking is an excellent way to have a low to moderate cardiovascular workout. All physicians include walking as a part of general overall fitness. A recreation consultant for baby boomers at Sunshine Retirement homes says that seniors do not have to jog or speed walk to get a great workout. A slow walk of around two miles an hour is the perfect counterbalance to the sedentary existence that some seniors have fallen into.

Low-Impact Zumba
Low-impact Zumba is perfect for people of all ages and abilities. It includes a mixture of aerobic exercise set to Latin rhythms, band strengthening, and upper abdominal toning exercises. Because of its slower pace and detailed instruction, low-impact Zumba has become a favorite for many seniors looking to improve their health and have a little bit of fun.

Some are surprised to learn that cycling is actually low-impact. It is actually very easy on the joints. Riding a stationary bike or pedaling outdoors improves overall health, minimizes arthritis pain, helps high blood pressure, and can improve a person’s mood.

While age does put a limitation on some of the physical activities we can engage in, it does not mean that we curtail physical activities altogether. Engaging in low-impact exercise routines is a great way for seniors to improve their physical health, maintain emotional stability, improve cognitive function, and improve overall quality of life.